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Some of my books are available for purchase as eBooks for various devices, including the Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, and basically anything that can read the EPUB format. All are available in print editions. If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can also borrow some of the books for free from the Kindle Owners Lending Library. To find out how to borrow books on Kindle, click here.

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read Kindle books in your web browser, as well as on a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or Android phone. Simply click here to download Amazon’s free Kindle reading apps.



21 breeds of dog. 21 poems. 21 Lancaster, PA artists!

My new book has been published – Lancaster Unleashed: The Dogs of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 21 breeds of dogs. 21 poems written by me. 21 Lancaster artists. Each artist contributed a dog portrait for this full-color, 6″x6″, 54-page book.

A wonderful gift for all your dog-loving friends and family members.

Dog Cover


To order:

Send me an email at timasteffen@gmail.com and let me know the quantity of books you want and also your address.

$12 each plus $1 S&H

Many thanks to Moxie House in Lancaster for the design of the book and help in publishing it!


dalmation shih tzu



Nine-year old Bubby has just found out his mother’s cancer has returned with a vengeance.  His best friend, Brandi, is moving to California. On top of all of this, Bubby’s father decides to quit his job and build a boat in the basement.  Everyone, except Bubby, sees this as a sure sign of insanity.  A story for middle grade readers (ages 8-12) and adults alike, Sailboat in a Cellar is a coming-of-age tale told through the eyes of Bubby who, during a summer of great uncertainty, learns more about himself, reconciles with issues of life and death, and discovers the answer to the great mystery of how his dad will get the sailboat out of the cellar.

Click on the book cover to purchase the eBook for your Kindle on Amazon for $2.99 or in the print edition for $9.99.

Click here to purchase the EPUB version of this book for $2.99. With this format you can be read Sailboat in a Cellar on a Nook, iPad, iPhone, and other devices that support the EPUB format. If you have a Nook, and prefer to go directly to the Barnes and Noble website to purchase the book, click here.

The book is also available in the iBookstore. Simply go to iTunes on your Mac or iPad and search for the title. You can also click here to be taken directly to the iBookstore preview page where you can download the book.

To discover more about this novel, click here to visit my blog dedicated to Sailboat in a Cellar.



This illustrated series of books for children follows the journeys of Allie and her mom as they travel around the world in search of culinary delights.

Book 1:  Mom’s Cup of Coffee

Synopsis:  Allie Quirk’s mom is a coffeeholic. She must have her morning cup of Joe, but when she wakes up on a sunny Saturday and finds no coffee in the house, she takes her daughter on an around the world journey in search of hot java.  From Maine to Paris, Vienna to Istanbul, New York to South America, the fearless globetrotters stop at nothing to find the elusive coffee bean. Oh, and along the way, the Quirks just happen to solve the mystery of a world-wide coffee conspiracy.

Click on the book cover to purchase the eBook for your Kindle on Amazon for $1.99 or in the print edition for $4.99.

Click here to visit my blog website dedicated to this series, including essays on writing the series, sample chapters, illustrations, and other musings.



Big birds, little birds, quiet birds, loud birds. Pink birds, blue birds, purple polka-dotted birds. They’re all here in a 64-page magnum opus of illustrations and whimsical poems all about birds. You want birds? You got ’em!

Since this is a picture book that you and your children need to hold in your hands, it’s only available in a print version. Click on the book cover to purchase it on Amazon for $9.95.



Some seven million people board the New York City subway every day, each one with a story to tell. I was a contributing essayist for The Subway Chronicles, a collection of twenty-seven tales, dramas and comedies that unfold during the daily commute. From the “mole people” living in the subway tunnels, to the transit employees working behind the scenes, to the locals and tourists riding shoulder-to- shoulder in harmony, discord, or indifference, The Subway Chronicles offers a kaleidoscope of perspectives on this most public of spaces.

Click on the book cover to purchase the Kindle or print version of this book.



I co-authored this book series for young readers with my friend, Susan Ann Thornton. She also drew the wonderful illustrations throughout the books.

Book 1:  Home Sweet Home

Synopsis:  Lily is a prowler, a meower, the queen of cat power. She’s also known as Baby Cat. In this first installment of the Baby Cat Series, the adorable and precocious Lily offers a humorous and enlightening point of view on finding a home during her first year in a very special beach community called Cherry Grove.

Susan and I self-published the first book in this series through a printing company and only have paperback copies available. We’re working on revisions and getting it Kindle-ready for Spring 2012. Until then, if you’re interested, the book is available for $10 (shipping included). Simply email me your request to me at:  timasteffen@gmail.com.

Book 2:  Saving Faith

Synopsis:  Can cats and dogs really get along with each other? That’s the big question on Lily’s mind in Book 2 of the whimsical series, The Adventures of Baby Cat in Cherry Grove. Lily, aka Baby Cat, lives in a charming beach community called Cherry Grove. She’s the leader of the Dune Pride, loves to play on the beach, and has many four and two-legged friends. In Saving Faith, Lily must help cat friends Alf and Rome find their lost dog, Faith, but Maggie says there’s a storm comin’. Will they beat the storm and save Faith? Find out in this funny and thrilling story for children young and old.

Saving Faith is only available in a print version at this time. Susan and I are working on getting it Kindle-ready. Until then, please click on the book cover below to purchase the book on Amazon.

Click on the book cover to purchase the print edition of Saving Faith.

Book 3:  The Golden Dragonfly

Synopsis:  It’s Spring, and Lily, the Baby Cat, has returned to the charming beach village of Cherry Grove. But her friend Maggie isn’t feeling well, Fellini the cat is getting too old to play, and her four-legged friends are going to have babies. What the meow is going on? In The Golden Dragonfly, the third book in the whimsical Baby Cat series, Lily embarks on a hair-raising adventure in the Sunken Forest. Her mission: find the mysterious and elusive golden dragonfly for Maggie. Does it really exist, or is it just a figment of an old cat’s imagination? Find out in this exciting tale in which Lily discovers that no matter how things change, life keeps on living.

Click on the book cover above to purchase the Kindle or print version.


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  1. I will definitely take your books to my Kindle. This is great. I really enjoy your blog. 🙂

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