Book Illustrations

The following is a smattering of illustrations I’ve drawn for my books. I’ve also included preliminary sketch studies and various stages of development of some drawings that I hope will give you an idea of the process of creating illustrations for books.


Below are a few drawings for Mom’s Cup of Coffee. It’s the first book in a planned series for middle grade readers that follows the adventures of Allie Quirk and her mom as they travel the work in search of various culinary delights. If you’d like to purchase the book for Kindle or in a print edition, click on the “Tim’s Books” tab above. If you have an Amazon Prime account you can borrow the book for Kindle for free! Lastly, feel free to visit that website for Mom’s Cup of Coffee by clicking here.


Mrs. Wigglesworth



Here are a few illustrations from my soon to be released book of nonsense poems for children called The Big Book of Birds.

ALBERT AND THE PELICAN – A few years ago I wrote a book on Albert Schweitzer and his friendship with a pelican he saved when it was a baby chick. It’s based on a true story and I’ll have the book ready for publication in a few months. The pages below are mock-ups I created during a workshop with children’s book author/illustrator Robert Quackenbush. I incorporated old photographs of Schweitzer and his hostpial village of Lambarene. Unfortunately I don’t own the rights to the photos, so I’ll be reworking the illustrations without them. I really like the look, though, with the photos and am sharing a few of them with you here.

6 thoughts on “Book Illustrations”

  1. Linda Curtiss said:

    Loved this, too!
    Very interesting, well-done site.

    Best regards,
    Linda C.

  2. Jack Carroll said:

    My 9yr old son, Jack, chose purple polka dotted birds for his school poem, he loved it !!!

  3. Jack Carroll said:

    My name is Jack , I am 9yrs old. I had to choose a poem for my school homework. When I saw purple polka dotted birds I just really liked it, it made me smile. It’s great!. I learnt it so I could say it in class without the words in front of me !!!

    • Dear Jack – Thanks very much for your message. I’m very happy that you enjoyed my poem. I like to memorize poems and still do. I hope your recitation went well! Take care, Tim

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